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Areas of Expertise

Perinatal Mental Health

Therapists often enter the field or pursue specialties because of their own experiences, and I'm no different. Experiencing pregnancy and postpartum firsthand with my son opened my eyes to so many of the struggles and stressors women face in our motherhood journeys. As a result, I am in the process of getting a perinatal mental health certification (a several year process!) to help what I believe to be a massively underserved population.

College Stress

I worked at a college for over three years early in my career, and I gotta say: I love that population!  The stresses of being a newly minted adult are real, and we all need a little help learning how to navigate the world, our relationships, and our own emotions.

Life Transitions

Helping you find your next right step is one of my absolute favorite things! I love helping people like you find out what lights them up. I believe you can live a life that aligns with the core of who you are and makes you look forward to living each day, we just have to get your mental health squared away first. 

My Approach

Wouldn't it be great if I could give you the step by step formula to feeling better and rocking your life?

Oh, that I could. See, that formula looks different for every person, and I don't know you yet. What I do know for sure is that you're a complex human being made up of years of experiences from the time you were born - interactions with parents and family, kids on the playground, early crushes and heartbreaks, dating relationships, job experiences, and so much more. And knowing that, I am confident that I can't tell you the answer to all your woes in this little box.

What I DO know is that, given enough time and some participation on your part, I can get to know you as a whole person, and based on that, you and I can come up with a road map to your healing. Sometimes that may include some Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to work through places where you're stuck in your thoughts and habits. Other times it might be all about working through trauma with one of the many tools at my disposal. Maybe you need help figuring out coping skills that will help you deal with tough stuff. Perhaps you just need a safe space to talk.

The point is, I can't really tell you exactly what my approach is because it's different with every person. My approach is tailored to YOU and your needs.

Just the way it should be.

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My Approach
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